Dr. Payman Molaie

Areas of expertise
  • Teaching Experience:

    • Provided guidance to MBA students, including:

      • Research material sourcing and source reliability evaluation.
      • Effective use of reference manager software (Endnote and Mendeley) to prevent plagiarism.
      • Utilizing research manager software and facilitators (Qiqqa, dtSearch, Gephi, etc.).
      • Academic writing format and various referencing styles.
    • Taught undergraduate students in business-related majors and mentored them to adapt to higher education:

      • Familiarized students with the academic environment and performance expectations.
      • Assisted students in setting and achieving goals in a timely manner.
      • Guided students in establishing effective reading habits to deepen their knowledge.
      • Nurtured teamwork spirit and emphasized the value of group achievement.
      • Helped students improve English proficiency and embrace professional terminology in their field.
    • Taught students following IGCSE, EDEXCEL, or IB syllabuses, covering subjects such as:

      • Business Studies
      • Economics
      • Commerce
      • English as A First Language
      • English as A Second Language
    • Developed a new combined syllabus for IGCSE subjects (Business Studies, Economics, and Commerce):

      • Introduced a two-tier approach, “core” and “comprehensive,” allowing students to cover common concepts.
      • Studying the “core” tier familiarized students with essential knowledge.
      • Studying the “comprehensive” tier enabled students to pass all three subjects efficiently.
  • PhD in Business Management with the focus on Employee Behavior (in progress). The highest
    marks gained in Organizational Behaviour and Development, and Research Methodology.
  • Master of Business Administration, APU University, Malaysia. The highest marks gained in
    Business Creativity and Innovation.
  • Bachelor of English Language, Payam Noor University, Iran. The highest marks gained in: Communication Skills, Business Correspondence, Business Legal Documents.

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