Policy on

Acceptable use

This policy to make sure that users of our services and members of our online community are aware of and abide by the rules.

General Information

Our purpose is to give access to the finest education in the globe. We greatly believe in safeguarding free speech and expression for our users, in addition to academic freedom for our Content Providers and teachers. Additionally, we want to ensure that all of our users and teachers feel secure and at ease while utilizing our Services. We have established this policy to ensure that participants in our online community and other users of our Services understand and adhere to the rules. We may delete or modify improper content or behavior that has been recognized or reported to us. We may suspend, deactivate, or terminate a user's access to all or a portion of the Services on an individual basis. You may not use our Services to distribute content that: Contains unlawful content or supports illegal acts with the purpose to engage in such activities. Please bear in mind that SCN/LAS is used by users as young as 16, and we do not permit anything that is improper for these individuals.

Prohited Action

You are prohibited from using our Services to share content that: • Contains serious threats or arranges violent activities in the real world. We do not permit content that presents a real danger of bodily injury or property damage, legitimately threatens persons or public safety, or organizes or supports violence. • Assaults others. We welcome comments on persons and things of public interest, but anything that is abusive or otherwise improper toward private individuals is not permitted. • Infringes upon intellectual property, personal privacy, or other rights. Do not distribute anything that you do not have permission to share, claim as your own stuff that you did not produce, or otherwise violate or misappropriate the intellectual property or other rights of others. Always acknowledge things you use or cite to their original author. • Spamming others Do not distribute commercial, promotional, or solicitation information that is irrelevant or improper. • Otherwise breaches the Terms of Service for Short Courses Network. Please be aware that certain Content Offerings may be subject to additional regulations and limitations.

Further Prohibited Action

You are also prohibited from: • Violating any local, state, national, or international legislation, as well as any contractual or fiduciary commitments. • Share your password, allow others to access your account, or take any other action that might put your account at danger. • Attempt to access the account of any other user. • Reproduce, transmit, sell, resell, or otherwise misappropriate any material from our Services unless expressly permitted to do so. • Access, modify, or utilize restricted parts of our systems unless expressly allowed to do so. • Break or bypass our authentication or security procedures, or otherwise test the vulnerability of our systems or networks, unless expressly allowed to do so. • Attempt to reverse engineer any aspect of our Services. • Try to disrupt any user, host, or network by transmitting a virus, overloading, spamming, or mail-bombing, for example. • Utilize our Services to spread malware. • Use our Services or any SCN/LAS platform capability for anything other than completing online courses or pedagogical reasons. • Impersonate a person or institution or misrepresent your association with them. • Encourage or aid anybody in accomplishing any of the items on this list.
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